Liberty Activists Doing the Job the Media Used to Do

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  1. Jim L.

    Hello Steve. I remember you when I was a young copper and also remember you worked with my dad back in the day. I’ve been a fan of this site and can’t resist any longer. I would like to make a comment. I’m suprised there are not more comments to this. I’m encouraged as people are waking up yet many are missing the fact that this is being used against the American people. It didn’t take me long as a young officer to learn there is no war on drugs. Our govt brings in the drugs, while shipping out the guns to the cartels…and blames all the gun violence on the 2nd ammendment.

    As for terrorism the 2009 (MIAC) Homeland Security Report put out a list of just who the “terrorists” are. Ron Paul supporters, pro-life, supporters of the 2nd ammendmant, 911 truthers, former military and police, those who are against illegal immigartion, anti federal reserve activists, anti-NAFTA activists, homeschoolers, people that openly talk about the constitution. I actually have a copy of it, just not at my fingertips right now….there is a lot more. The above mentioned people are to be put on watch lists. Obama stated recently that congress is ceremonial and does not have to go through them to launch war, but the UN. Treasonous! Pretty soon it will be considered terrorism to criticize the government or the president. And wouldn’t you know it, an article came out in a technology magazine (I think “Wired”)by the CIA director stating that there are going to be cameras in new appliances such as dishwashers with speakers.

    It’s time to start putting the pieces together. The left-right paradigm the mainstream media is throwing at us is to distract us from these very issues. The only candidate that will address any of it is Ron Paul. Without the constitution and bill of rights none of the other issues mean much….we don’t have a civilization. The elites play a game called problem-reaction-solution. They’re not stupid. They want us to think that. This whole war on terror was generated to perpetuate fear and total obedience to the govt. as knowing best and having the solution. The solution being slowly getting us used to being treated like prisoners for our own good.

    Our govt. has been hijacked by the globalist mega-banks who want world governemnt. It’s called the new world order. This is all predicted in the Bible. The good news is it doesn’t have to happen on our watch, we can stand up to tyranny. I know some will say I’m a crackpot for addressing some of these issues. Don’t take my word it. Do the research. Go to publications like Financial times of London and Economist magazine…they openly talk about how great world govt is going to be and how independance is an old concept. Go look up web sites like Northcom and the Rand cooperation…they’re building FEMA camps and getting ready to march troops out on the streets imposing martial law. It’s all out there…they admit it. Thank you for letting me ramble. I hope that those that are still in law enforcement understand they will have to make a decision as to what side they are on!

    March 20, 2012 at 9:42 am

  2. Steve Spingola


    Thanks for the post. Obviously, your views on these issues are very passionate. I am not a Ron Paul supporter, although I will admit that he is the ONLY presidential candidate who knows and stands by his oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution.

    The GOP sues over Obamacare claiming it violates the Constitution, but virtually every GOP member of congress voted for the Patriot Act—which guts the Fourth Amendment. Democrats are not any better, as they routinely trample on the property rights of Americans and impose Orwellian edicts on minor issues concerning the environment, and religious liberty.

    Yet the fact that so many young people are attracted to the candidacy of a 70-something congressional representative from Texas means that these young people get it: Americans are on the verge of losing their God-given, Constitutional freedoms.

    Please click this link to get a look at the extent of the problem:

    I DO NOT consider myself a civil libertarian. During my tenure as a homicide detective with the Milwaukee Police Department, I used every constitutional means available to investigate those who committed serious crimes. I sought to put bad people in prison. As of late, I am concerned that both political parties are complicit in gutting the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

    I cannot count how many times that I have testified at motions alleging the police violated a defendant’s rights, although, after contentious hearings, investigators and prosecutors prevailed 95 percent of time. Why? Because the ADA’s in the Milwaukee County and detectives at the Milwaukee Police Deparment followed the rule of law.

    President Obama is the first president since Abraham Lincoln who has authorized the assassination of American citizens absent due process. The Director of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller III, when asked, told congress that he did not know if Obama’s ‘assassination proclamation’ applied to American citizens on our own soil. This is bizarre stuff that makes George Orwell’s book, 1984, look like child’s play.

    On the other hand, my beef with the Libertarian Party is foreign policy. Americans will not vote for a candidate unwilling to recognize that there is evil in the world and that our government needs a strong intelligence service to analyze these threats. Granted, the US is extended militarily, with units in 174 countries. We can greatly reduce this number by using the money, software and equipment that the government currently uses to spy on us and, instead, use these resources against our actual enemies.

    What we really need is a candidate with the wisdom of former Judge Andrew Napolitano, who values our Constitution. This is an attorney who actually gets it. With Predator drones, satellites, and other assets, we should be able to reduce our dependence on the security-industrial complex and, yet, respect the civil liberties of ALL American citizens.

    March 21, 2012 at 10:09 pm

  3. I can’t express how much it pleases me to see members of law enforcement engaging in this sort of discussion. The police are in a position to be the tip of the spear for many of these unconstitutional, damaging policies being pumped out of DC which put the people and the police at odds. People’s attitudes are beginning to soured towards the police and I am sure that this effect goes both ways. What a terrible position we find ourselves in! The tools that might be attractive to law enforcement in helping them get the bad guys are the same tools being used to intimidate and control the good guys and as Mr. Kinard’s article illustrates, this type of intimidation and control will have the same effect on the US as it has in every other nation that has or is choosing to employ them.
    JimL wrote; “It’s time to start putting the pieces together. The left-right paradigm the mainstream media is throwing at us is to distract us from these very issues. The only candidate that will address any of it is Ron Paul. Without the constitution and bill of rights none of the other issues mean much….we don’t have a civilization.”
    I understand what he is saying and agree. Of all of the frightening prospects that face the USA, none concern me more than the changes taking place within our country. Ron Paul is without a doubt THE champion for the legal and natural rights of ordinary Americans. I admit I may have a hard time worrying about foreign policy when so much is wrong right here on the home front. If we don’t get this right, I don’t see how we can get anything else right.
    I mentioned the issue of jurisdiction to Steve last Friday on air but didn’t expound on it.

    From the Legal Information Institute;
    Jurisdiction-The term jurisdiction is really synonymous with the word “power”
    Jurisdiction is the territory within which a court or government agency may properly exercise its power

    Many of the most egregious post 911 policing initiatives in the US are actually international imports. Not knocking the world at large here but we must remember what makes our country unique, our Constitution. What works in the UK might not fit in the US but we are doing it anyways. Just like we are altering our law to suit the capability of new technology, we are altering our founding philosophy to suit imported initiatives like Intelligence Led Policing.
    Intelligence Led Policing emerged as a viable concept for American police forces and Homeland Security following the International Association of Chiefs of Police summit on intelligence and information sharing that was scheduled by the IACP for law enforcement officials one month after 9 11.
    The International Association of Chiefs of Police, takes credit for the creation of the new security and policing paradigm (including fusion centers) which has made notions of privacy, autonomy and the presumption of innocence mostly nostalgic memories.
    It is really tough to pin down a definition of ILP but it is readily apparent that Intelligence Led Policing is based upon data gathering, sharing and analysis. Police are required to become intelligence collectors now in addition to their duties as keepers of the peace. High tech surveillance devices and information sharing without regard to jurisdiction are also key features of ILP. This is one way our police forces are becoming federalized. Who are they collecting intelligence for? Ultimately, it is for the federal government (and their “international partners” that they choose to share with) In this way police forces are being transformed into national security forces, and that is an altogether different animal than a peace officer.
    “It is time to maximize the potential for community policing efforts to serve as a gateway of locally based information to prevent terrorism, and all other crimes, through the timely transfer of critical information from citizens to their local police agency and then across the intelligence continuum.” Source: Criminal Intelligence Sharing: A National Plan for Intelligence-Led Policing at the Local, State and Federal Levels—Recommendations from the IACP Intelligence Summit

    National security forces serve the government. National security forces protect the government from the people.
    Data systems are being merged or made interoperable between the local, state and federal government in order to share all of this “intelligence” (and as we know, everything is intelligence now-or might be in the future) When authorities or systems are co-mingled in this way, power naturally defaults to the higher level. Police are losing their rightful authority and their ability to do what most thought they signed up for-Serve and Protect the People.
    Seen in this light, this quote makes a lot more sense;
    “The development of intelligence-led policing and fusion centers is an attempt to address globalization”

    IACP Publication 2007

    Asking our police to respect the constitution is not the same as begging for mercy in regards to civil liberties. Really, doesn’t it serve to protect their own best interests as well?

    March 22, 2012 at 4:58 pm

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