The War Against Domestic Drones vs. Big Money

SF’s last post, Drones and the Judge, made note of the political outrage—from neo-conservative Charles Krauthammer; to U.S. Rep. Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts); and libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano—surrounding unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs)—a.k.a. drones being deployed over America.

Today, San Diego talk-show host Roger Hedgecock interviewed U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) about a bill that would reinsert the provisions of the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights; thereby, vacating some of the anti-Bill of Rights language in the Patriot Act.

A rising star in the liberty movement, Rand Paul is a modern-day version of Davey Crockett—a politician willing to fight to defend the freedoms Americans rightly enjoy. 

Paul, however, sees little difference between helicopters and drones. I disagree.  If a young woman sunbathing inside her fenced in backyard hears a hovercraft overhead, she might choose to step inside her home or duck under a canopy.  Drones run virtually silent. Nano-drones—some disguised as hummingbirds and insects, surreptitiously spy on their targets and peer into areas that a helicopter could not.    

The Electronic Privacy Information Center is also keeping tabs on the use of domestis drones.

So, if prominent individuals from various political quarters are so passionately upset about the threat that drones pose to privacy in America, why is the program continuing? 

Follow the money and the Unmanned Systems Caucus in Washington, D.C.


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