Voice of Reason Leaving WISN Radio

Justin Earl

Southeastern Wisconsin is blessed with many talented media-types. Unfortunately, one up-and-coming voice is leaving Clear Channel Communications, where he is heard primarily as the voice of Common Sense Central and on the news feeds for WISN radio. Justin Cleveland, better known by the radio moniker of Justin Earl, recently accepted an offer to become the spokesperson for the Republican majority in the Wisconsin assembly. He is also one of only two media-types in Wisconsin certified to review movies by the Broadcast Film Critics Association.  

Since SF focuses on issues of criminal justice import, I found Justin’s views on the state of criminal corrections particularly refreshing.  As a libertarian conservative, many of his takes at Common Sense Central hit the ball out of the park.

If you’re unfamiliar with Justin’s blog, checkout the following link:


To read his review of Zero Dark Thirty and other selected films, visit:



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