Tonight: New Program to Spotlight NSA’s Surveillance State

As many of you may know, after leaving Fox News, Glenn Beck formed his own network, The Blaze.

Tonight, at 7 PM, a new Blaze program, For the Record, takes a detailed look at America’s post-9/11 surveillance state. The show’s host, Laurie Dhue, also formerly of Fox News, interviews a former employee of the National Security Agency (NSA) turned whistleblower.

For the Record explores a secretive new NSA facility, the Utah Data Center, described last fall in Wired Magazine.

This morning, Glenn Beck interview Ms. Dhue on his morning radio program. Having spent a considerable amount of time researching government surveillance, tonight’s show, part of a four part series, is one that anyone interested in law enforcement and government should watch.

The Blaze is s subscription service that costs $9.95 a month; however, the site does offer a two-week free trial offer.

Moreover, Laurie Dhue’s personal story of her 15-year struggle with alcoholism—the same demon Beck battled—illustrates that people can eventually claw their way back and reclaim their professional standing.

In the print edition of Best of the Spingola Files, Vol. I & II, I discussed the NSA’s perceived mandate to turn their intrusive eavesdropping capabilities inward in a chapter entitled, Why the NSA is an Acronym for Never Say Anything.


Steve Spingola is an author and retired Milwaukee Police Department homicide detective.

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