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Milwaukee’s Murders by the Numbers

In the first half of 2015, violent crime has ravaged the city of Milwaukee. The following is a demographic breakdown of the city’s 2015 homicides year-to-date:

Milwaukee has experienced 54 homicides;

About 81.5 percent of homicide victims were African-American, although this demographic group represents 40 percent of the city’s population;

About 12 of Milwaukee’s population is Hispanic, but just 7.5 of murder victims were Latino;

About 11 percent of those killed were white, a group that comprises about 45 percent of the city’s population;

About 76 percent of murder victims were shot to death, while stabbings accounted for about 13 percent of murders;

About 87 percent of African-Americans murdered were shot to death;

Seventy-five percent of Hispanic victims were stabbed to death;

Fifty-percent of whites were killed by gunfire.

These statistics illustrate that gun crime in Milwaukee is primarily a north side, inner city problem.

About 400,000 people reside in Milwaukee neighborhoods north of the Menomonee Valley. As such, Mayor Barrett and Police Chief Ed Flynn are asking the state legislature to pass new gun laws due to the actions of just a handful of residence that, in total, represent only seven percent of Wisconsin’s overall population.
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