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Wisc. State Representative: No Need to Address Drones Right Now

Late last week, SF encouraged its readers to contact their state representatives in an effort to regulate the use of drones in Wisconsin.

One such reader recently received a reply from state Rep. Chris Kapenga, an assemblyman from the 99th District in Waukesha County’s lake country area, concerning drone deployment.

“I will continue to monitor this situation at a state level,” Kapenga replied, “but do not currently feel the need to address this issue in Wisconsin,” even though the reader forwarded this video of ARGIS—a new camera that provides totalitarian surviellance over a 15-mile radius—to Rep. Kapenga.

This is the kind of technology the KGB and the East German Stasi could only dream of.  Unfortunately, unless our state and federal lawmakers have the willingness to stand-up and say ‘No’ to the drone lobby’s special interest donations and/or to the overzealous, big brother-wing of law enforcement,  our freedoms, as we know them now, will soon vanish.

Please feel free to forward any correspondence received from elected officials concerning Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs, a.k.a. drones) to me.  SF will note the responses herein and maintain a tally sheet to determine which politicians support freedom or a Soviet-style surveillance state.

The Dorner Deal

Yesterday, I appeared on Today’s TMJ4 news to discuss the demise of Christopher Dorner, the former Los Angeles police officer gone rogue.  To watch the video, please visit:


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