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Police Looking for Info in Bizarre Abduction of Hall of Famer’s Mother

In a plea for assistance from the public, former Baltimore Orioles shortstop and baseball Hall of Fame member Cal Ripken, Jr. appeared on Good Morning America asking anyone with information regarding the abduction of his mother to contact law enforcement.

Vi Ripken, 74, told police she was taken from her home at gunpoint on July 24. She was blindfolded by a thin, white male and driven around the area for nearly a day in her own Lincoln Continental.  She was returned, unharmed, on July 25 and found bound in the same vehicle parked on a street near her residence–a location that, only a few hours early, was buzzing with police activity.

“It’s just hard to believe the guy came all the way back on the street and dropped her off,” 43-year-old Mike Hudson told the Huffington Post.  “That makes me believe he was local, very local.”

Law enforcement has had little to say about the ongoing investigation.  Earlier this week, billboards appeared in the Baltimore area displaying a composite sketch of the person involved.  Video footage from a Wal-Mart store depicts a 22 to 28-year-old suspect wearing a thin, white jacket covering a gray t-shirt, an orange ball cap with a black front and white logo, blue jean pants and brown boots.  The man appears to have light brown or dish water blond hair. Being a warm Maryland evening, the jacket might be an attempt to conceal tattoos or other identifying features on the suspect’s arms.

Vi Ripken told a neighbor the man involved did not appear to know that she was Cal Ripken, Jr.’s mother, although he wanted her car and some money.  No ransom note was ever sent.

SF is keeping tabs on this ongoing investigation.


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