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Milwaukee’s 2013 Per Capita Murder Rate Higher than Chicago’s

In an August 12 post, I lamented that the resurgence of shootings and homicides in Milwaukee this summer is due, in part, the city’s policing strategy.  And, quite frankly, since that post over two weeks ago, things have actually gotten worse—more shootings, a couple more homicides, and an officer getting accosted and sent to the hospital by an emboldened thug element.

A review of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Web site this morning reports the following: a 43-year-old member of the Milwaukee Police Department’s (MPD) Tactical Enforcement Unit is attacked by two men, ages 18 and 24, who sent the officer to the hospital after a foot pursuit.  At 6:30 PM, three juvenile boys were shot near S. 26 Street  and W. Lapham Ave. after a basketball game gone awry. Another article reports than homicides in Milwaukee are up 19 percent in 2013 during the same period from a year ago.

You know things in Milwaukee are going from bad to worse when the beer city’s per capita homicide rate surpasses Chicago’s, where a bloody summer has stained the office of its new mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

Here are the numbers:

City                                 Population                           2013 Homicides               Per Capita Homicides

Chicago   2,707,000            270 One in 10,828 residents murdered.
Milwaukee     597,867              67 One in 8,923 residents murdered.


The officers on the street, as well as the brazen criminal element, are taking notice that the MPD’s crime fighting strategy is similar to President Obama’s redline remarks about Syria: like Obama, Chief Flynn’s bark is much worse than his bite.

“A Tac squad cop gets the s**t kicked out of him on 28 and Auer,” after two suspects who ran from the officer, turned and attacked, notes an officer deprecating the lack of adequate on scene back-up.   “Flynn and his policies are going to get a cop killed.”

Holding another roll call on the street won’t solve the problem of inadequate, on-scene officer back-up and drug dealers feeling empowered by the lack of a long term, area specific policing strategy.


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