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Vote Michael Screnock for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Wisconsin’s election for a new justice to the state Supreme Court has taken a partisan turn. Probably because the philosophies of the two candidates — Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet and Sauk County Circuit Judge Michael Screnock — are dramatically different.

Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that Black Lives Matter activists, as well as the anti-police holdovers from the Obama administration, have put the full-weight of their so-called “resistance” movement behind Dallett.

The stakes in his race are high. Think back to August of 2014, when a Ferguson, Missouri police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, a man who had just committed a strong-armed robbery at a convenience store. Police haters around the country, including several NFL players, began the now debunked “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative. Weeks later, we learned Brown didn’t have his hands up and, instead, tried to disarm the officer.

The facts didn’t stop the cabal of leftists cop-haters — a group empowered by Attorney General Eric Holder. Four years later, a group led by Holder, a man who walked with the leaders of Black Lives Matter, has backed Dallett.

Holder’s de facto endorsement serves as an enormous red flag for police officers in Wisconsin.

Law enforcement officers, their families, and those who support a law and order approach to violent crime, are encouraged to support Michael Screnock’s bid for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Screnock is an attorney who interprets the law. Based on her own public statements, Dallet, like too many of those in black robes, is willing to conjure things up to make a square peg fit into the far-left’s round hole.

With high school anti-Second Amendment activists, like David Hogg, and former liberal US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, seeking to abolish individual gun ownership, the time to vote for Judge Screnock is now! The election is Tuesday, April 3. Law enforcement, make your voice known.


Steve Spingola is an author, cold case investigator, and a retired Milwaukee Police Department homicide lieutenant.