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The Lay of the Land

YORKTOWN, VA — Upon arriving in Virginia, the Spingola Files (SF) hit the ground running.  At the airport, SF was met by Andy Fox, a reporter from WAVY Channel 10 and provided an interview.

(One note to WAVY’s coverage: my status during the Spingola Files visit to Virginia is that of an investigative journalist and NOT a private investigator) 

Later in the early evening, SF met Fred Atwell, a former deputy with the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department.  Together, we visited the various Colonial Parkway crime scenes and discussed our various theories behind the slayings.  SF found Atwell to be a wealth of information.

Over the course of the past year, Atwell communicated with officials from the FBI and explained that instructors of criminal justice students were using crime scene photos of the Colonial Parkway murders as material for classroom activities.  When officials failed to take action, Atwell spoke to WTKR’s Mike Mather.  After collecting the photos, the FBI later contacted a family member of a Colonial Parkway victim to explain that Atwell was one of the 132 suspects. 

“Outrageous,” is how Atwell describes the FBI allegation.  “I even gave them my DNA.”

The visit to the Ragged Island Game Refuge — the scene of the September 19/20 1987 slayings of David Knobling, 20, and Robin Edwards, age 14 — painted a picture of a brazen killer.  In this instance, the perpetrator used a firearm.   Since these homicides occurred in close proximity to a major arterial highway, I was surprised that passers-by and/or fishermen in the area didn’t hear the gun shots. 

Today, SF will speak to a number of tipsters and others who may have information on the Colonial Parkway murders. 

Tomorrow, an organized, private search for Keith Call and Cassandra Hailey is on tap.  SF has developed a couple of theories pertaining to the couple’s April 9, 1988 disappearance.

Visit the site for more updates.  Tomorrow, during the search, SF is planning to blog live.


Steven Spingola is a former Milwaukee Police Department Homicide Detective and the author of The Killer in Our Midst: the Case of Milwaukee’s North Side Strangler.

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