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Hoosier for a Day

On Monday, the Spingola Files (SF) takes a road trip to Bloomington, Indiana, where I will address a group of Hoosier state forensic investigators from the Indiana Division of the International Association of Identification (IDIAI).  The topic is the Psychology of Homicide, a presentation SF provides throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Since each group SF addresses is, in its own way, unique, I tweak the Psychology of Homicide presentation before traveling to different venues.

 I’ve already been warned to purchase gas in any place but Illinois, where the long-arm of that state’s tax collectors digs deep into the wallets of consumers. Should Illinois’ highway tolls continue to increase at their current pace, it might become more cost effective to fly over Chicago.

Milwaukee Crime Novel Surges at

The Milwaukee-based crime novel, The Cozen Protocol, surged to #1 this week on’s list of criminal procedure books.

A good source relates the sale of the book’s rights to a West Coast Company is now “up in the air,” as screenwriters want to change The Cozen Protocol’s venue from Milwaukee to Los Angeles or San Francisco.

First, it was Dirty Harry—a movie some locals see as based on the career of Milwaukee’s late police chief, Harold Brier, and, now, left coast-types want to hijack The Cozen Protocol’s plot.  

The rumor mill has it that, although fictional, some high-rankers at Milwaukee Police Department are not particularly fond of the novel’s overall theme.

But long-time Milwaukee law enforcement veterans think otherwise.

The Cozen Protocol was a great read, as the author spun a great mystery with similarities to real incidents,” writes retired MPD Detective Larry Powalisz. “It brought back some fond memories of stuff that was going on throughout my career.”

To find out more, listen to my interview with WUWM’s Stephanie Lecci.


Steve Spingola is an author and retired Milwaukee Police Department homicide detective. 

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