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Spingola Files Print Edition Only Book Now Available


In the past, I have fielded emails from a number of people who prefer traditional books to Kindle or Nook e-readers. Many have asked when the “Best of the Spingola Files” book series would be made available in paper.

I now have an answer.

Yesterday, my Wisconsin-based publisher, Badger Wordsmith, released Best of the Spingola Files, Volumes I & II—a combined, print edition only book—currently for sale at Create Space and, within a week, at

“Rick Sandoval, a highly regarded, second generation Milwaukee police officer, penned the book’s Forward,” an excerpt from a news release at CBS News reports. “Retired Milwaukee PD captains Mike Massa and Glenn Frankovis, attorney Kelly McAndrews, and nationally known liberty activist Kaye Beach, provided endorsements of “Best of the Spingola Files, Volumes I & 2…”

On the pages of this book I discuss about 40 matters of criminal justice import, including:

· The strangulation slayings of several women on Milwaukee’s north side

· The suspicious deaths of almost a dozen men in the hard-drinking college town of Lacrosse

· A recent uptick in violent offenses in the city of Eau Claire

· A brief history of La Costra Nostra operatives in Milwaukee and Madison

· A critique of the police investigation into the murder of UW-Madison co-ed Brittany Zimmermann

· The intrusive technologies of America’s post-9/11 surveillance state.


Steve Spingola is an author and retired Milwaukee Police Department homicide detective.

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