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Drones, Investments, and the Fiscal Cliff

With the re-election of President Obama and Republicans picking-up seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, one thing is certain: the federal government will continue barrowing money at record levels to underwrite the ever growing American surveillance state.

Some sources claim the Obama administration spent nearly $80 billion in the last fiscal year building and maintaining a domestic spy apparatus.

One of most significant threats to privacy are nano-drones—small, insect like robots that can fly into homes, take DNA samples, and, with the use of small cameras, peer into the windows of dwellings.

One would think that his type of surveillance should be illegal, but is it?

Our nation’s highest courts have consistently ruled that privacy as it relates to a homeowner’s curtilage is not applicable from the air.  In other words, since drones have the ability to fly above a property line, advocates believe the surveillance they conduct—no matter how intrusive—would be lawful absent a court order.

On the Economic Front

With the election over and the accomplice media satisfied with the result, pundits and reporters are now, finally, deciding to focus on America’s looming debt crisis.

As things currently stand, the country is quickly approaching the so-called “fiscal cliff”—a term referring to deep cuts in military spending and staggering tax increases.

Some argue that it is better to go off the cliff now than kick-the-can down the road further, forcing our children to deal with trillions of dollars more in new Obama debt.

One such person is libertarian investor Peter Schiff, who addresses some of the challenges facing the country and individual investors in this Schiff Report video blog:

A few years prior to the meltdown of housing prices, Schiff accurately predicted the bubble’s burst. Several economists, at the time, called his prediction ‘crazy.’

In this video, Schiff predicts that a severe economic crash is coming to American financial markets thanks to the big government, anti-free market economic policies emanating from Washington.


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