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A Retired Cop’s Observations

baarys-worldat SF:

This Facebook post by Randall Miller, a retired law enforcement officer from Wisconsin, is so salient that it merits a Spingola Files’ mention.

Yes, the Officer involved in Charlotte was black.

Back in the early 1970s, when I was a white cop in an almost all black neighborhood, the black activists blamed all the problems on the nearly all-white “occupation army” of cops. So, they hired black cops, even if they had to drop the hiring standards to do so. Okay, fine, nothing changed.

Then the black activists blamed it on the fact that the black cops worked for white supervisors and managers. So, cities started promoting black cops using affirmative action to push them ahead of other candidates. Okay, fine, nothing changed.

Then the black activists complained that the power structure of government in these predominantly black cities was white, so blacks (all Democrats) became Mayors and won election to other positions of power in major U.S. cities and ran everything. Okay, fine, nothing changed.

And that’s where we are today and it is obvious to this old man that the next frontier is a frontal attack on the very laws of the land as being “white” and, therefore, racist, because what else is left to challenge?
But what are we going to replace it with?

Some sort of reverse racial lynch mob system of justice where, if a black person is killed by cops, even if it is certainly legally justified under “the white man’s law”, the cop must be punished no matter what the circumstances?

I think the term used to describe what is being advanced is simply “anarchy.”

And, isn’t it the biggest racist slap in the face to blacks the very idea that they are somehow incapable of living under the existing laws of society? What sort of feral humanoids does that suppose that they must be as a people? Shameful. Almost unimaginably shameful.

It’s logic turned upside down. It’s a racist inversion of the natural order of things. And it is oppressing us all.
Randall Miller is a retired law enforcement officer from Wisconsin.