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Digging-Up the Past: Attorneys Claim Gacy had Accomplices

Did John Wayne Gacy, the infamous masochistic serial killer of 33, act alone during his rampages in the 1970s? Two Chicago area defense attorneys, Robert Stephenson and Steven Becker, believe Gacy had an accomplice in at least three of the slayings[1]. These new allegations stem from an examination of Gacy’s travel records and the statement of one victim, who told investigators that another man was present as Gacy raped him prior to his escape.

 While in jail, Gacy told investigators that he was out of state when 16 of the 33 victims disappeared.  Yet  a total of 29 bodies were later discovered on his property—26 in the crawl space of his home, one under the floor of his garage, another under a barbecue pit, and a a stray below the joists to his living room[2]. After bodies saturated his property, Gacy dumped the remains of at least four others into the Des Plains River.

Attorneys Stephenson and Becker note that one of the suspected accomplices has passed away, but two men possibly parties to the crimes are still living.  “I definitely would not dismiss what they have said. It’s not out of left field. It’s well thought out,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, a former high-ranking commander with the Chicago Police Department, told

In today’s edition, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that a former girlfriend of a Gacy “pal” told police that her former boyfriend explained that he had dug trenches in Gacy’s crawl space and even new where some of the bodies were buried[3].

Illinois put Gacy to death by lethal injection on May 10, 1994.  Initially, his executioners botched the injection when an IV clogged.  The blinds to the death chamber closed for about ten minutes, at which time the deadly chemical was administered with a new IV[4]. A hardcore, unremorseful psychopath, witnesses report that Gacy’s last words were, “Kiss my ass.”[5]

It will certainly be interesting to see where this new information leads criminal investigators from Cook County.  Gacy often tortured his victims.  As investigators dug-up the crawl space to Gacy’s home, many of the remains still had ligatures around their necks.


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