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‘Flash Mob’ Offenders and Kid Gloves

Even a massive police presence was not enough to stop a group—estimated at over 100—from disrupting an otherwise peaceful event in Veterans Park on July 3. 

Some of those present in the park, just prior to the start of the city’s traditional fireworks display, claim a “flash mob,” consisting of scores of young people, entered Veterans Park and began vandalizing everything in their paths.

“There were so many of them,” one source said, “the police were helpless.” 

The park was full of families, many of them with young children, when the large-scale disturbance erupted.  

What’s more troubling is the mob seemed undeterred by a noticeable police presence. 

“There was literally a cop on every corner from North  Avenue all the way down to Summerfest,” reports another person.  “But even this didn’t stop the flash mob.”

A July 4, 2012, report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes that two people were arrested for fighting at the lakefront and there was at least one report of “a crowd of possibly 100 youth screaming and running in the area.”

The flash mob in Veterans Park is eerily reminiscent of prior disturbances during Juneteenth Day, outside State Fair, and along N. Water Street on St. Patrick’s Day.  

The thousands of dollars spent on security for these events might be worth it if city officials and representatives from the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office promised to hold every individual involved in such disturbances fully accountable. 

The lenient message sent by officials from the Milwaukee Police Department after the melee outside the Riverwest fireworks and raid on a nearby BP gas station a few years ago is that there are few if any consequences for anti-social behavior at pubic events. In the aftermath of the brazen BP gas station robbery–because that is what actually occurred–offenders were given ordiance violation citations.

During the “flash mob” incident at Veterans Park, the newspaper claims a police helicopter conducted surveillance of the crowd.  These hover craft are equipped with high-resolution video cameras. If the images of “flash mob” offenders were indeed captured by police, then Chief Flynn and his investigators need to spare no resources to identify and arrest those responsible.

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